VEGA is an SSA project funded under the Sixth European Framework Programme for the period 2005-2008 with the goal to increase the capacity, quality and scope of research at Product Design and Robotics Department (PDR) of Transilvania University of Brasov in Romania by establishing strong and sustainable research cooperation schemes with centres of excellence in Europe and major industrial partners in the regional and European industry based on a competitive research infrastructure.

VEGA is a successful initiative supported by the Network of Excellence on Virtual Reality INTUITION, funded under the IST scheme for the period 2004-2009.

This project partnership is built on the foundations laid previously by other projects funded under the EC Framework Programme as FP5-GROWTH projects ADEPT G1MA-CT-2002-04038 coordinated by the University Transilvania and IMS - IRMA in which PDR was partner, as well as many other projects funded under Tempus, Erasmus, Minerva and Leonardo.

The main activities are related to the support of the research group on Virtual Reality to set up an strong research infrastructure, establish cooperation schemes with reputed research centres in Europe, to increase the mobility of researchers, esspecially young PhDs to carry out research under double supervision, organize events to spread the excellence in the area concerned etc

The main outputs include the creation of a four research workgroups to cover applications accros the product life cycle: (i) VR applied in Design and simulation, (ii) Virtual testing, (iii) VR in Manufacturing and recycling and (iv) VR applied in maintenance application