WG1: VR Aided Design and Simulation
WG2: Virtual testing
WG3: Virtual manufacturing
WG4: Maintenance using Augmented Reality
In general, VR systems are separated from Product Design (CAD) systems. A CAD system outputs geometric data into a VR system which is used as a separated visualization tool. The objective of the project is to use VR as a new and multi-modal user interface that will enable designers to see the model directly and manipulate/modify it, and as a result, to accomplish "face-to-face negotiation" on computers, including collaborative environ-ment.
This workgroup will focus on the creation of a capacity to conduct experiments with human and hardware-in-the-loop techniques using VR interaction technologies.
Another goal of the project is to extend the research scope for the ergonomic assessment of planning of virtual assembly / disassembly sequences and validation of processes, process layouts and routes.
The objective is to develop mobile systems by applying augmented reality techniques that will offer a comfortable and more operable solution, with near-the-eye display and remote support over integrated wireless mobile communications. The purpose is to develop remote and e-maintenance applications.