The Work Package 1 (WP1): Tuning of research. This work package addresses the goal of increasing the research extent at the PDR department. It includes three support actions: (i) exploratory visits, (ii) organizing of a workshop on VR and (iii) hiring of young researchers.
The Work Package 2 (WP2): Training of researchers including mobility flows at PhD and postdoctoral levels through integration into research teams from partner Member States research laboratories.
The Work Package 3 (WP3):A one week Advanced Study Institute to be organized in Romania with the topic “Virtual Reality technology and applications in Intelligent Manufacturing Systems”, 2006.  
The Advanced Study Institute (ASI) is meant to be a high-level training activity on the VEGA project area, systematically presented and treated in depth by lecturers of international standing, and new advances in the subject, not taught elsewhere, to be reported in a tutorial form. The ASI is not intended to be an international conference or symposium, but rather a short intensive course contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and the formation of international scientific contacts. The ASI target group includes scientists at the postdoc level with an appropriate scientific background. The ASI will be organized in a friendly environment and the venue will provide all necessary setting to facilitate contacts, interaction and scientific discussions.
The Work Package 4 (WP4): Research scope and infrastructure. It will allow conceiving a proper development and extension of the PDR infrastructure of equipment and communication and will go through the four workgroups in the project: Design and Analysis, Virtual Testing, Manufacturing&Recycling and Maintenance. The main goal of this WP is the equipment purchase, for which a dedicated team will be appointed, with members from each WG in order to make the necessary market study, comparison between various configurations etc. They will benefit also of training for the operation of the equipment.

The Work Package 5 (WP5): Strategic partnership focuses on integration of the centre into the ERA and increase the participation to the ERA. Two goals are set in this WP:

  1. Increasing the participation of ACC countries in the framework programme, in particular FP6.
  2. To prepare for future major initiatives at Inter-regional level within the IMS framework.

The first goal will be addressed through the organisation of a brokerage event “Virtual Reality and Robotics research - a priority in the EC-FP and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS)” in collaboration with the network INTUITION represented in VEGA by ICCS Athens. It will target audience from Romania, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the NIS countries. Three sessions will be included in the program: (i) IMS framework presentation, (ii) Experience of running and past projects and (iii) New ideas for projects to be promoted. The second goal of WP5 will be achieved through the constitution of a strong inter-regional partnership for ERA. This will be the follow up undertook by the PDR after the brokerage event. For this purpose, 1-2 preparatory meetings of the potential core group will be needed. An additional goal of the project that will be achieved through the brokerage event will be raising the awareness in ACC countries about the science and technology in the field of VR and IMS in general.

The Work Package 6 (WP6): Dissemination is aiming on dissemination of the results of the project as well as knowledge transfer from the PDR department to the economical and social environment. Throughout this Project, and in particular after the completion of WP4 all partners will contribute to the dissemination of Project aims through the mechanisms of papers, press releases, and the participation in conferences, technical journals, exhibitions, etc., at the national, European and international level. Many of the project actions have by their nature a marked dissemination side e.g. the ASI and the brokerage event at which an important dissemination effect of the VEGA project and PDR department is expected. Therefore this WP includes the dissemination activities targeting the scientific community and Industrial environment in general with a particular attention for the ACCs area.
The Work Package 7 (WP7) - Management . This WP concentrates on overall management of the project through the project management structures. A management unit will be set up at the PDR department in order to will assure harmonic cooperation of different working group in project realization and achievement of the proposed objectives.